Compliance & Audit

Compliance Audit

At Whiteleaf, we are a fully compliant and certified vendor to perform proper testing and security assessments for many of the industry standards bodies. We ensure quality service to clients with optimal security and compliance.

We perform the security and compliance audits below:

  • PCI DSS Assessment
    We perform the initial payment card industry security assessment using the current PCI DSS Security guidelines and present the findings to executive management. During the assessment, Specialized Security Services, Inc. will assess the current state of the client’s environment, review the client’s inventory of IT assets and review business processes for payment card processing to identify where cardholder data is stored, processed and transmitted. The QSA will then assess their findings for vulnerabilities that could potentially expose the cardholder data.
  • Financial Institutions
    Financial institutes face many challenges when it comes to meeting regulatory requirements to protect and preserve financial and personally identifiable information. We provide security and risk assessments to assist financial institutes in identifying real and potential security risks. Our security professionals will provide the technical expertise to mitigate the risks.
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