Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI)

Business intelligence, or BI, is the capability to transform large volumes of data into actionable information in order to deliver empowered decision making. The risks of not having the correct information in a timely manner can include:

  • Inability to identify operational inefficiencies
  • Missed opportunities for increased sales with customers
  • Inability to detect cost overruns or pricing below preferred margins
  • Inability to determine unprofitable Items or product lines
  • Inability to detect trends in sales or marketing data
  • Inefficient purchasing or stocking

Business Intelligence solutions can mitigate this risk by shortening the time from data capture to information output. Whiteleaf's BI consultants are experts and understanding your specific requirements and architecting the perfect business intelligence system to meet your needs.

Business Intelligence = Access to Information

Your business thrives on information. So ask yourself:

  • Are you leveraging the valuable data stored in your businesses information systems?
  • Are you able to proactively measure the health and direction of your business?
  • Are your business processes aligned to effectively and efficiently execute your business strategies and reach your business goals?
  • A well-designed business intelligence solution should provide the right information in the right format to the right person at the right time. Let Whiteleaf get you started on the path toward a robust business intelligence system.
Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Whiteleaf BI consultants are experts in providing Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management services to assist you in reaching your business goals. We integrate the following disciplines:

  • Business Intelligence Software Selection & Implementation
  • Data Warehouse Design
  • Data Quality Initiatives
  • Data Modeling and Semantic Layer Design
  • Reporting
  • Dashboard Design & Presentation
  • Architecture Implementation
  • Management Consulting

We are experienced in the deployment of business intelligence with a focus on the management objectives of organizations of all sizes.


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